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Aviation around the world


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23,974 airports
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7,933 airports
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Your pathway to build your travel by aircraft as you want.
Our project is a public searchable directory, containing some 46,000 airports, airstrips and heliports, more than 78,000 routes and flights by almost 6,000 airlines in over 200 countries across North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.
Our aim is to provide fast and easy way that lets you map your flights around the world. You can find information relating to the specifics of airports, find an airport closest to you, get airline's information, and more!
Use this to retrieve vital information for your flights.
Find airports by airport identifier (IATA code) or name, by city and state, or a any combination thereof.
Also you can browse listing of the left column or use the main menu above to select the airport, airline and route, which you need.

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